1500 Workers and Employees

85 Million

85 Mission US dollars revenue in 2017

Highest Capacity

in Bangladesh 80 tons Terry and 25 tons yarn dyed /day


(Effluent Treatment Plant) employed in Bangladesh

Spinning Capacity

Every masterpiece starts from scratch.

Total Spinning Units 1
Number of Spinneret 6 Lines
Yarn Production 60 tons/day

Knitting Capacity

Imagination materialized

Daily Knitting Production 55 tons
Total Knitting Machine 185
Karl Mayer HKS-2 93
4-Bar 02


Solid Dyed

Machine IL Sung
Daily Capacity 40 MT
Jet 40 MT
Total Machine 18
Sample Machine 04


Machine IL Sung
Daily Capacity 40 Tons
Total Machine 10
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