At A Glance

Leaders in Manufacturing

Highest manufacturer of Mosquito Net, Mesh Fabrics, Tricot Fabrics & Nylon Tulle fabrics of Bangladesh.

Highest exporting capacity

Largest Production Capacity for Warp Knitted Fabrics in Bangladesh with 55,000 Kg/day capacity.

Production facility

Six Knitting Units with 185 Warp Knitted Machines & Two Dyeing Units with Jet Dyeing & Printing Facilities

Going Global

60 International Buyers from Global 1000.

Continents covered

4 Continents are covered

Artex Mills

Artex Fabrics Limited is a cutting edge gold standard synthetic textile component supplier in Bangladesh, it has innovative portfolio ranging from home, apparels, active wear to technical industries. It is fully compliant to international social and sustainability standards and long been a proven supplier for companies like H&M, Decathlon, Walmart and more. It’s part of Talha Group, a co-concern of Noman group and one of the largest textile conglomerates in the world.

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