At TALHA Group, the term “work” is broader than your day-to-day functions. And while good academic background is valued, we also put great emphasis on other qualities. Our aspiration is not only to satisfy our clients, but also contribute to industry, society and the national economy. Your success in this depends more on your aptitudes than on the focus of your degree. People with a background in many subjects—business, social sciences, information technology, engineering, — flourish at TALHA Group. We do, however, seek certain common traits.



Curiosity is the common spark igniting Talha Group’s client impact, our business thought leadership, and your contributions. Are you interested in learning about our client’s requirement and ways to meet them? Do you see patterns in the challenges faced by businesses that you have observed or worked with? If you are, then you are exactly the kind of individual that spend forty hours/week at Talha Group.



A path is of not much value unless you can guide others to it. Can you persuade listeners with your facts, figures and passion? At Talha Group, we perceive teams as a means not only to solve problems but also to lead. We encourage open-ended discussion among executives, managers, and directors. Here leadership is not tied to hierarchy. Your insights are judged in terms of their merit, not your tenure. We believe, sharing your own ideas is a step towards becoming a leader.



The end result of curiosity, path finding, and leadership is impact. Can you show the results of a cause that you have championed? Do you have ambitions about what you and a team of committed people can do to move our business forward? We seek these opportunities in our work with some of the top companies in the world. And we seek these qualities in our people.



Talha Group is widely recognized for its unmatched quality, dedication, innovation, and expertise in the textile industry. We have been the recipient of “Exporter of the year” award from the Bangladesh Government last year. Our culture is renowned for its rapid advancement, nurturing nature, and job satisfaction. We encourage you to join a company that consistently ranks as the leader in its industry.

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